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Thread: How to get a disc out of a Wii?

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    How to get a disc out of a Wii?

    I just got a refurbished Wii. It starts up normally and SEEMS to work OK, but... if I try to actually use any application - weather channel, news channel, shopping channel, whatever, it just waits a while and gives me an error message, telling me to eject the disc, and restart the system. The exception is the Mii channel, which will run for about ten seconds before crashing.

    Pressing eject does nothing whatsoever, however, I can see that there is a disc in the Wii. The Wii doesn't seem to know this as the "game disc" channel is empty.

    I thought I might employ some use of tweezers, screwdrivers, etc. to yank the disc out, but I cannot as there are two metal things in the way. I don't know what they're called, but you can see them in for instance this picture (the red arrow is going through them). So even if I try to, say, jam a second CD in there to pry up the first one, I can only stick the CD about a quarter of an inch in. I have prodded the metal things with a screwdriver and they obviously don't move.

    I have a suspicion that if I get the CD out of there it just might work. Otherwise I have to send the Wii back and wait forever for a replacement. Any thoughts?

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    yea.... can i have some motrin!!! lol j/k if you open the wii you wil be able to get the disc out by (assuming the drive gets power) pressing eject once to see where its getting "hung up" there are "white legs" (ive also seen them black) that sometimes gets jammed and theres a pully on the side of the drive you might want to look at as it might caught up if the system was dropped

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    Taking a disc out of a stuck Wii

    While it is indeed possible to take a stuck disc out of the Wii with the following method, it is not advisable.
    My Wii was left without power, within store return policy guidelines, but my game was still within. I wanted to remove the game so I could simply exchange the broke Wii at the store level to resolve my issue quickly.
    To remove a disc you'll need three sets of tweezers. And possibly a bobby-pin.
    First you need to turn the Wii upside down (and preferably unplugged from a power source)
    Second, using two sets of tweezers, press the small metal "guards" down. These are located just inside the mouth of the Wii. They're there to keep the disc from free falling, and inhibit their removal. They aren't locked and shouldn't be difficult to press down.
    Third, you'll need to reach "up" through the middle of the mouth with the third set of tweezers to grab hold of the disc. I'd highly recommend using flat tweezers, not sharp ones as the disc may become scratched.
    NOTE: The disc itself rests on the internal carriage (through the center hole of the disc) and if upside down, should fall into your tweezer's grasp easily. If it doesn't then you need a bobby pin to dislodge. Gently press the bobby pin on top of the disc and then grip the disc with the tweezers.
    Finally, gently pull and the disc and push on the bobby pin and the disc will slide out easily .

    This can be done with one person, but helps if you have an extra hand.
    Good luck.


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