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Thread: Selling Modded Wii (and Wii Fit) + R4 and DS

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    Selling Modded Wii (and Wii Fit) + R4 and DS

    Hey guys. I have some stuff that I want to sell. Here's what's up.

    Modded Wii (D2CKey, which I absolutely loved!) and Wii Fit (game and board). Two Controllers, a charging station, two classical controllers, and one nunchuck. This will be 275$ It's quite a deal, if I say so myself. But, if someone wants to pay more, it will just go to the highest dude.

    Also, if anyones interested, I have a pink DS lite with an R4 and a 2gb microsd. I can give you the microsd/transflash adapter as well if you need it. Haven't thought about a price for that yet.

    Everything works. Anyone interested?

    Oh yeah, and if you want pictures of anything, just tell me.

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    a friend of me might want the DS, but his parents go crazy when he wants to buy something, so it has to be a really good price. I don't think you want to sell a DSL for almost nothing, but I think he will offer 50 euro/dollar for the DS + R4. What do you think?

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    Yeah I can't sell it for that cheap, sorry bro.

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    How much do you want for the DS deal, trade willing?

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    I was thinking about 100 dollars, and I'd pay for shipping. *shrug*

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    Would you do a trade or anything?

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    Nah, no trades for me. Trying to sell as much things as I can to get a decent desktop

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    Wondering if you still had the wii? If so how old is it? Do you have any refs? etc...

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    Yeah I still have the Wii. It is about a year old and it was modded by the guys at Prestige-Mods (they were known as Cumberland Mods back then). It has ran any game that I've burned, and I don't know really what else to say about it. Mods rock

    However, Wii Fit has been sold as well as my DS. The R4 hasn't been sold yet.

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    Ok. I might be interested. I just bought one recently, and it turned out to be crap after one day of use. So, we'll see if I get my $ back then I may be interested in this one.

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