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Thread: Remote not responding

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    Angry Remote not responding

    HEy.... I just got a problem with my remote...
    When i load a game everything goes great .. but when I want to play.. then the remote is not working at all,, ?? I have changed battery in the remote but nothing helps.

    The Remote is working perfect but when the game have to be played it failed.. have anyone a idea what to do ?

    I can get to all settings in a game and choose different things.. but when the game is running the remote is not responding...

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    Is it on every game? It happened to me once on splinter cell double agent ntsc. then it started working. Did this happen all the time since you modded it? or just recently? I have a softmod so dont know how much help i'll be.

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    .. No it happens not with all games..... but there is pattern in the games that have this problem.. I mean it`S the same games that have the remote to malfunction and the same games that works... ...weird

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    yeh brv i had that as well on two games madworld and mario tenis but it was two player though the 2nd remote did not work i put it down to my backups dont know but it might be that asked about it no reply

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    This happened to me once. I had my wireless gamecube controllers and my gamecube memory cards connected. After I disconnected these items, my wii remote came back to life.


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