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Thread: Backup burnt games

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    Backup burnt games

    I backup my original games with the programs Rawdump, regionFrii, and wiibrickblocker(i burn them with imageburn) the games work on the wii. How come I can't burn the backups that I already burnt? Is there any programs out there to burn backup discs?

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    they work okay for me if i copy from one dvd to a blank dvd using Nero at 2x speed.

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    it works for me also, using imgburn.

    I am having problems with a batch of crappy dvd's. So I just copy the old one to a new dvd at 1x burn, working great

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    I sure that when you create a backup game it is still the same format as the orginal, there for you would have to use rawdump to create a backup of your backup. Or you could just burn 2 backup discs while you still have the orginal ISO on your computer.


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