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Thread: Need help! Can I dowgrade from 4.0 U

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    Question Need help! Can I dowgrade from 4.0 U

    I updated my wii to 4.0U since I haven't played it in a year.My cuz told me about the homebew and I became interested but I'm seein that I may not be able to downgrade it now.Anyone know how to go about this?

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    it is not poss. not as of this posting anway you will have to wait for an update from hbc assuming one comes out

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    ok while looking around on this site i found something that might help you i dont know how to insert links or if the tut will actually work but run a search in this site for "how to downgrade from sys menu 4 with no cios!!" good luck

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    yo cuz

    I think your stuck for now unless something comes out. or you could buy a 3.4


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