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Thread: HELP Please - Homebrew install on 3.4e

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    HELP Please - Homebrew install on 3.4e

    I'm new to Wii modding but have done PS2, PSP, XBOX 360 etc over the years.

    I have done lots of searching but can't get the answer I'm after.

    I follow several guides for twilight hack install which all give the same instruction but everytime I look in SD Card on Wii it shows the file as "???" yet the last one I tried also included the USA hack which showed but as I'm using PAL (England) it would not work for obvious reasons.

    I'm sure I came across the solution when first investigating Wii modding but can I find it now!!!!

    Regards - Tom (Wii NOOB)

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    have you insert the TH on a FAT formatted SD > of 512Mb and NON SDHC?

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    You have to have an SD card that is between the sizes of 512mb and 2gb and you need it formatted to the format that the wii can use. Start off just by sticking the empty card in the wii and pulling up the files in the memory manager. Then go from there with the start of the guides you have.

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    Hoorar FINALLY !!!!!!

    Here's what I did...

    1) Went out and bought a Wii 1GB SD card - yeah I know any card prob would have done fine but proper card MUST work I thought!!!

    ... Okay the hack I was using last Wii_Brew_SD.exe now appears on the card in my Wii...

    ... Message now shows "Cannot copy data!!!!" .... Grrrrrrr .....

    Search forums again.....

    2) Try playing Zelda for longer... NO JOY ..... Grrrrrrr ......

    3) Download beta2 and HB Channel from official??? website

    ... Copying DATA .... Installing Homebrew Channel .... YESSSSSSSS !!!!

    Woop Woop Woop....

    Now to see what this little slag can do....

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    Well, Grats man


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