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Thread: USB Loaders/GUIs

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    USB Loaders/GUIs

    Okay, I'm going to try to keep up with the vast amount of GUIs for the USB loaders that come out, there's a new one just about everyday and every one is awesome. I'll try to provide links, sources, and give credit to the authors when possible. So with out further adu (adoo, addu? whatever), here are my findings (most if not all come from tehskeen).

    dimok's GUI: My thaughts:
    It's very pretty if I do say so myself, but it's based on ver. 1.1 of the official build, which means no SD card support (for the 4 of you who actually use it). It's getting better, nearly idiot proof, and I think this is the way to go when building USB/SD Loader GUIs.

    New Gui made with LibWiiGui for USB Loader v1.1
    Ok guys here is my first release:

    Everything of Waninkokos original USB Loader v1.1 is implemented. I am giving out the source too for those people who can design. This GUI is made completely with LibWiiGui and Waninkokos source. Here are a few pictures:

    You can get all version with music/without music and with gameID/without gameID here:

    Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire

    Source is included.

    Have fun.

    Since i am no graphic expert and no designer, i am give out the source too for those who can do it. With the LibWiiGui you can make a lot of stuff and that very easy. I hope some designers like WiiShizzza can do something with the source if not pm me . I am really bad at creating graphics :P.

    Have fun testing and changing the GUI. Maybe I'll add SDHC support and Ocarina later.

    Thx to WiiShizzza and cyrex for those graphics that are in right now.


    Sorry guys, i forgot to put in a Settings Menu in which you can select video mode and language. Now its in, here is how it looks:

    You can choose between Force PAL50, PAL60 and NTSC and 11 Languages there.

    Have fun testing and modding it.


    Added Ocarina Support
    Added Waiting for USB Device for 30 secs window if none is found
    Source on TehSkeen - dimok's GUI
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    Here's a big one, surprised it's not already posted, USB/SD Loader ver. 1.4 Official Waninkoko.

    brakkin's post from TehSkeen:

    Waninkoko has released yet another version of his SD/USB Loader homebrew application for the Nintendo Wii. Using this application you can load your legal backup collection from a SD/SDHC Card or a compatible USB Mass Storage device.

    What's New?

    - Region free improved.
    - Fixed bug that caused corruption when deleting games.
    - Fixed bug in showing the space used / free.
    - Fixed bug when displaying the size of a game.

    Download: Here
    Source from TehSkeen - brakken's post

    Next is from brakken also, the one most of us are pretty used to, the unnoficial ver 3.0 (1.1) This features the much welcomed bonus of loading game box art off of the SD card.
    Unofficial USB Loader 3.0 (v1.1) Released

    It seems a new version of Waninkoko's USB Loader has been released which encompasses a lot of new features including cheat code support along with a lot of other stuff.

    Fixes by Narolez [V1]:

    - SD-Patch for Ocarina, Background and Boxart added
    - Size for Image-Path fixed
    - Dump on Reboot/Shutdown fixed
    - Fixed the bug where long title creates another empty line
    - Fixed Gamelist flashing on UP/DOWN
    - B-Button Page-Scroll fixed
    - 15 Entries per Page
    - New Backgrounds included. Just rename to bg.png
    - Source included

    Fixes by Narolez [V2]:

    - OCARINA-Support fixed (Thanks to fishears)
    - No-Code-Dump Forwarder Channels included (orange/blue)

    Fixes by Narolez [V3]:

    - OCARINA-Support fixed (sorry for the quick shot)

    Source/Download: Here
    Source from TehSkeen - brakken's post
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    Okay, next, the GUI-FX by kaesar:

    Here is a first version release of this GUI.
    Any improvement ideas are welcome.

    - browses games on USB hdd
    - loads game by point and push A
    - home gets back to loader
    - covers are loaded from sd
    - has wait timeout to allow hdd/stick reinsertion

    extract contents of SDroot folder to SD:

    Download here: USB Loader GUI-FX

    Remember, covers go in folder SD:coperti
    coversize is 160x224 due to wii graphic processor
    Use the covers from alpha1 package.

    If you use the usual 160x225 covers, the loader will not work!
    499 PAL covers:

    492 NTSC covers:
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    Yet again, reserved.

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    What are the steps to install a new GUI, if you already have USB loader 1 installed?

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    Excellent ! thanks ! great research and wll put together...I was able to download the USB loader 1.4, but fail to see how to make my ocarina codes to work... what folder should I put my codes? I does not see to recognize the default [Root]\codes\ please advide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiiwouldliketohack View Post
    What are the steps to install a new GUI, if you already have USB loader 1 installed?
    Nothing just make a new folder in the apps folder with the name of the new GUI put the boot.dol file inside it and run it through the homebrew channel.

    Currently i have the official 1.5 loader from waninkoko as a wad channel on my wii and on my sd card i have 2 others loaders.

    The ultimate loader which i also have a wad channel forwarder on the wii

    And just today i started messing around with a new GUI but it doesnt have an official name yet but its by far the best looking one as it features covers and the discs themselves spinning when you select the game from the list.

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    i wish a new GUI with muscial intro 'theme' of the game when select the game fm list....


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