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    Angry SD Card Reader

    My friend's SD reader somehow came off of his mobo completely.
    So we opened everything up, and superglued/soldered it back on there where it was supposed to go.

    (Looking down on it and towards the back of the mobo)
    On the left:
    there is one pin labeled CD/WP. It is between 2 mechanisms, one of which detects if a card is in, the other if it's write-protected or not.

    Along the back we have (from left to right):
    CD, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 9, and P10(which doesn't have a solder point, but is still labeled and has the spring mechanism to lock the card in. This one is at the chamfered corner of the card, for reference)

    Anyways, we soldered every point down, except for P10 of course, being careful with our solder.
    It detects if a card is in or not, but it tells us the card is unuseable unless we put downward pressure on the outside metal case of the reader. We think one of the pins inside is slightly mashed, and isn't making a good connection. It shouldn't take very long to just bend it up with a bent safety pin.

    It also thinks that the card is write-protected all the time, which is our biggest problem. The CD/WP, CD, and 2 sensor mechanisms seem to all be connected somehow (the card detector switch lies between CD/WP and CD, and if the switch is closed or the 2 points are bridged, it says there's a card in the system that can't be used)
    I don't really know what's connected on either end of the write-protect switch. If we purposely hold the switch closed it still thinks that it's protected. So I'm thinking there's a signal that's supposed to be running through that isn't connected on one end somewhere.

    If anyone's had experience with SD card readers, do you know how exactly they're supposed to work? There might be a solder point that we missed, but the thing is so small, and if that's the case then it's inside the thing, which makes everything that much more difficult.


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    Look on the side of the SD card for a little switch. Flip it. Shouldn't be write-protected anymore. (Unless I read wrong and you already tried that)

    If all else fails, buy an external reader. They're like 15-20 bucks.

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    Yeah I definitely already tried that. It wouldn't have mattered anyways since we were bridging the connections on purpose.

    We're just going to buy a usb reader and de-solder the SD reader off and replace the whole thing. If we end up losing the wii i won't feel very bad since the kid doesn't take care of it, and has lost about 10 screws since taking it apart the first time lol

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    If it came off completed it probably ripped traces off the board and not matter how much you solder it you would have to follow that broken trace and see if you could add a jumper to recconect the broken trace since motherboards have so small races or thru holes i would just buy a 2-10$ reader and it might even come with a sd card off ebay.

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