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Thread: Just something doing wrong

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    Just something doing wrong

    I know how to do most mods.. Like
    PSP,Nintendo DS,Xbox, XBox 360 and installing yellowdog on PS3

    BUT But when it comes to nintendo wii I am a bit confused...
    Ok I soft modded my Nintendo Wii with Twilight Princess and I can't get and burned copies to work... Is there anything I am doing wrong.. Do I need wad file or something

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    what softmod did you use do you have a back up loader

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    What tutorial did you follow? One in here ►RECOMMENDED FAQ's, GUIDES & TUTORIALS ONLY ◄? What are you on 3.3,3.4u or 3.3,3.4e .....etc...?m

    oops guess i'm second

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    WTF!! backup Loader?? OMG!! is that the reason its not working?


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    if you used softmii, it would have let you play backups through the disk channel

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    THANKS is there a tutorial on it?


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