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Thread: wbfs error: alloc memory

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    wbfs error: alloc memory

    i am using SD/USB Loader v 1.4 and every time i try to copy a game over to the harddrive it will look like this.


    [+] Installing Game, please wait...


    wbfs error: alloc memory

    Press any button to continue...

    does anyone know what this error means and how to fix it?

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    I'm also getting the same error. Same 1.4 version too.

    I'm using a 750 gig, which I've read is not compaitable with the usb loader 1.4 at this time unless you make a 500 gig partition.

    I tried a 4 gig flash drive and it did indeed work, but was going insanely slow and would have taken 7 hours.

    My guess is you're also using a drive that's bigger than 500 gigs.

    I just plan on downloading the latest version, it seems to have a new version come out every 5 days or so.

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    first make iso's of the games that you want to add onto your pc, then use WBFS Manager 2.2.2 to setup the drive and add them ... much faster and reliable then trying to use the wii to do it ..

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    Thanks seca99!


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