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Thread: Starfall Questions - And others.....

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    Starfall Questions - And others.....

    Hi, this is now a FAQ for helping people, ill make more questions/Answers, fell free to ask, ill try to answer. If you want, you can read the next 2 paragraf(in french) to see what was with my wii. some questions are not marked "Answered" Because im not totally sure or the answer is incomplete.

    Hi guys, I'm Linkcool. I'm new to hacking.

    Ok so i explain the life of my wii....
    Idk, I got it and it was at 3.3U, my brother dont wonted i upgrade it to 3.4U, he dont wanted the wii bricked. like a dumb i upgraded thinking i would have flash on the internet on the wii -.-". Then some games dont worked ( my wii was hacked befor). my friend explained that i'm finished and i cant downgrade. TY god!!! i searched and foun that the upgraded the twilight hack =]. now i have the homebrew channel, and i have much apps.(and my wii is now 3.2U) . This was just info just in case. I have interner and wiiconect24.

    I just discovered the starfall app and i can't find if it can brick my wii...
    Ok, now, Questions.

    1-Can I brick my wii by installing the starfall app, by INSTALLING it, after the warning, after i pressed b+1.(i have 3.2U) -
    It dont bricked for me.

    2-what is the starfall official website. - IDK...

    3-is there a tutorial video? - No, it's simple, Click b+1 twice to accept, then in download use the D-pad to chose to install or not.

    3-Can the starfall unbrick my wii, just in case? HOW? - By what i know, you need a gamecube controller on player 1, press and hold Y. Idk if the wii got to be ON or OFF.

    4-What are the hacks, patches, mods, or others that starfall gives to the wii when installing it? Explain them plz =]. - Then unbrick(i forgot others ).

    Other question(not for starfall).
    1-How to update the wii-shop without updating the wii to 4.0 - Answered
    2-How to play gamecube games with a wii classic controller(if there is something for this) ( the controller have same butons but its white and oval, ugly).

    Answered(or i found them):
    1- Q:How to update the wii-shop without updating the wii to 4.0
    A:You can update by updating the IOS51, you can google it. ( Can you help me please??? Me, it makes my wii shop channel restarting my wii =(.

    This is for later(just if people will answer, i could do this a FAQ and give credits to those who answered me=]) :

    Q: Why i get error 20102?
    A: Because nintendo blocked you from wi-fi because you have the homebrew channel. They are annoyed from calls about hackers.
    Credit: zerosyko.

    Thank you, Linkcool
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    You see the little white box at the top of every forum.... it says SEARCH next to it ?

    Type your questions 1 at a time into there and you will find the answers you seek
    Have you used the search function ? used the Tutorial section ?

    Did you know you can donate to help the running of this forum ?

    hi...sorry we're busy, so only giving priority to supporting members like MK contestants / forum donators at this time...

    The advice given is up to you whether to act on it or not. NO responsibility is taken for you screwing up !
    Thanks for your understanding

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    Um....yeah, im not soo dumb? i searched, and dont found. Yeah there was almost similar questions but not the same, i was confused because in the warning it was saying starfall could brick my wii....I'll transform this to a little FAQ, and add questions. =]

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