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Thread: DriveKey Drive Speed

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    DriveKey Drive Speed

    After installing my drive key, i noticed when video plays directly from the dvd it reads a lot slower and causes the sound and video to run slowly and jumpy.

    I have since installed home brew channel, so i have no need for the drive key anymore.

    My question is, when i turn the drivekey off, in the drive key menu, Will this play at the proper drive speed, or having the chip installed and turned off still make it run slower at 2 or 3 X ???????????????????

    any help would be appreciate

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    I think that it will still run at 3X speed if ran through the chip, can someone else please verify.

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    ...Wow.. if the chip is off it will run at 6x since the chip is not active.

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    really? i just assumed even if it was off in the menu, the drive cable was still running through the chip?

    mario galaxy is very jumpy when playing video from dvd in the game, i assumed it was the chip? do u think it could be the game and not the chip slowing it down?

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    I'm with you descendent, I thought if the signal still had to travel through the chip it would be slowed down, chip on or not.


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