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Thread: Questions on Hacking/Home Brewing a Wii

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    Questions on Hacking/Home Brewing a Wii

    Alright so I have asked this question many times on other websites but never a straight answer. I have a Nintendo Wii which not hacked/moded. It has the latest firmware on it. If I homebrew it would I be able to play games that I burn? or would that require a Mod Chip ONLY? What certain things could I do with my Wii hacked with the Twilight hack (homebrew) ?

    - Please let me know
    - Thanks!

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    what firmware do u have? what version?

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    The latest firmware is 4.0 (which currently you can not install the twilight hack to install the homebrew channel on it, but one is coming soon!)

    The firmware before that is 3.4, enless you have a korean wii, which is 3.5. (Both of these can have the twilight hack save on it to install homebrew channel)

    I don't like the term, "Homebrew allows my backups to be played" I don't know.. but theres some much more homebrew can be done with.

    So in short, Yes, there are apps that can run your "backups" (also you can use the wad manager to install back up launcher channels)

    Please do not ask for a link to a back up launcher, for it is against the rules.

    All of your questions could be easily answered with the usage of the "search bar"


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