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Thread: USB Loader GUI-FX VERY VERY NEW!!!!

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    Everyone Check this out.

    USB Loader GUI-FX
    YouTube - USB Loader GUIFX

    Here is a first version release of this GUI.
    Any improvement ideas are welcome.

    - browses games on USB hdd
    - loads game by point and push A
    - home gets back to loader
    - covers are loaded from sd
    - has wait timeout to allow hdd/stick reinsertion

    extract contents of SDroot folder to SD:\

    Download here: USB Loader GUI-FX
    Due to alpha version, please do not mirror it.
    a new version will replace it soon.
    Have fun.

    Filesize: 32.6MB, can't upload on TehSkeen
    3.2E+Yaosm 3.2 +flatmii
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    Oh, cool, a download link, I'm gunna give this a go, let you guys know what I think!

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    New version added.
    GRA-FX_GUI_alpha2.rar ... at - Free File Hosting, Free Image Hosting, Free Music Hosting, Free Video Hosting, ...

    GUI performs as in this video:

    Remember, covers go in folder SD:\coperti\
    coversize is 160x224 due to wii graphic processor
    Use the covers from alpha1 package.

    If you use the usual 160x225 covers, the loader will not work!

    wii came and wii conquer

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    Ya know, I have the feeling that these are gunna come out like they were a porn series, lol. A new one like every day, so I'm just gunna check back every week or so.

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    I guess you are right. I know that a new update will be out tomorrow . Remember any suggestion will be added. Also this was not created by me.

    fr Jamaica

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    If the maker doesnt supply source code theres no way i`ll use it, no telling what they got it set to do.

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    The mod work perfectly. So you don't have to worry what's in there. It's just a dol file and not a wad even though u can use a forwarder if you like. Just test it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HsiaLin View Post
    If the maker doesnt supply source code theres no way i`ll use it, no telling what they got it set to do.
    Do you REALLY think that some random dude wants to F*** up your Wii? Come on.

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    Ask yourself that question about anything that will do bad things, then you will have your answer. I`m not saying this dol WILL but I like to know what is being done. For all we know it could have a credit card stealer code in it and the first time you buy some VC credits, poof.

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    links do not work- were removed by admin


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