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Thread: N64 emulator - Concker's Bad Fur Day

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    Question N64 emulator - Concker's Bad Fur Day

    Anyone know if there is a better N64 emulator in the works? The one that's out now is unusable.

    Other than that I've seen links for a wii iso with a few N64 games on it. Does anyone know how to create one of those so I can play Conker's Bad Fur Day on the wii?

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    I don't have a clue what your talking about with the ISOs, but if you're referring to Wii64 as the emulator, then ya, it's as of now, the only one for Wii. But just be a little bit more patient, it's almost done, and so far mario 64, smash bros., and f zero are comepletely playable on it. just hold out.

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    yea this game would be real nice to hacve out for the wii no lie

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    I've tried the new N64 app and still no luck. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    You could try injecting the ROM into a WAD but thats extremely dangerous if you don't know what your doing.

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    conker's bad fur day dosent work on wii64 because i loaded it and my screen black for a second and then went back to the main menu of wii64 and then when i tried again it did the same thing and it froze

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