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Thread: Problems using USB loader

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    Problems using USB loader

    Hello guys, I use USB loader v1.1 trough HBC with no problems, also rips my backups well onto the wii.. But, if I load a game, and play it for about 5 minutes or less and then exit and choose another backup to play from USB loader it says "Could not initialize USB subsys ten! (ret = -1)". I then have to reset my HDD to play.. Anyone knows any solution?

    PS: And if anyone knows a modchip that it's good in price and performance please tell me =)
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    hdd which brand? size? changing it may be.

    modchip, DIY soldering is the most price and performance competitive. only $3x

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    It's a targa hard drive 250gb.. If I chance you think it will solve the problem? Where can I get that modchip if I may ask? :P

    EDIT: Never had the problem again it just stopped not working lol :P thank you for the help anyway
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