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Thread: If all fails...Modchip?

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    Ca If all fails...Modchip?

    Okay, I let my cousin borrow my Wii, and he got annoyed that during the middle of the night, the blinking drive came on, so he updated to 4.0. I have tried all possible ways to downgrade to run my backups. I haven't successfully done it yet. I want to know that if I got a Modchip (Preferably a DriveKey) and installed it, would I be able to run my Wii and Gamecube backups?

    Also, would I be able to dump my games? I have Homebrew Channel. Thanks ^-^

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    get a modchip, most likely u could be satisfied.

    dump games ? fm what ? use LG drive or torrent BT ?

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    Like dumping games with the Homebrew apps.


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