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Thread: Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero Metallica: Mic Issues

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    Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero Metallica: Mic Issues

    I'm using USB loader 1.1. The only custom IOS's I could possibly have installed in this guide

    all of them but IOS38.

    And IOS36-64-v1042 for the USB Loader.

    The problem I am having is when I connect a USB mic (either a Rock Band Mic from PS3 or a Guitar Hero World Tour mic from PS3), it tells me that there is no logitech USB mic connected.

    edit: I'm not sure if any instruments will work yet because I haven't tested any. I'm borrowing a GH3 Les Paul guitar from my friend next week for Wii.

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    Anyone? And it seems like as soon as I start USB loader, the other USB port just shuts off. Which ever USB port doesn't have my HDD plugged in shuts off. Either port will do it.

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    I'll join the club. I'm having this issue too! I thought I saw a fix somewhere, but can't find it now...

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    IOS249r9 screws up all your usb devices, its not fixed in r10 either but I think wanin is going to fix it in r11? lets hope so.....!

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    has anyone figured this out yet?

    to elaborate, i have the three newest GH games and all 3 RB games. i have the GHWT mic/drum set and it seems the guitar and drums work on all but RB1. only issue i have constantly had is the mic. i get the exact error as TIMO. the mic will not work on RB1, 2 or even GHSH. it seems to only work on GH6, GHWT and (i cant remember for sure) RB3. it only seems the newest games have the compatibility. does anyone know if you can use older RB mics for RB1, 2 and GH games?


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