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Thread: Home burnt games don't play

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    Ca Home burnt games don't play

    I got d2pro chip couple of weeks ago and borrowed burnt games from my friend. There are atleast 10 games that don't play on my system whereas my friend has no problem playing them.

    I tried to make copies of his games, my system does not read them. I used imageburn and Roxio to burn iso images but no luck. My burnt games play fine on my friend's system. He has dc2pro chip.

    I will appreciate your advice.

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    get into the wiikey website , check for d2pro updating.
    hv u ever play 1 game successfully with the d2pro since install ?
    r u dvd-r ?

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    Yes, I was able to play few burnt games given to me by my friend. But whetever I burn, does not work at all on my system but works on my friend's system.


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