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Thread: 4.0 works fine except for usb

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    4.0 works fine except for usb

    i had my rock band drums and guitar working on 3.3 using the cios installer and using the ios37 rev 7 hack/patch.

    i have now updated to version 4.0 and everything works fine, except for the rockband drums and guitar wont connect.(mic works fine). just like before i used the above patch

    i know 4.0 used cios 36 rev 8 for the update to work but is there a way to get my rock band drums/guitar working again with 4.0

    is there a cios 37 rev 8 or some patch or anything i should download, that may or can get my guitar and drums working again

    i dont really want to downgrade again, i really like 4.0, its so much easier with the vc/wii ware games i have.
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