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Thread: Modchip and Drive Question

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    Modchip and Drive Question

    Thinking about modding my wii myself since I can't find anyone to do it in NY. How do I find which drive I got and Which Modchip do I get?

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    send it to spiktsu, he will have it back in no time

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    check and you can use the flatmod's 100 solderless and it is simple to install

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    i think imma get drivekey installation looks very simple

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    Im getting a drivekey as well, the installation does look fairly easy
    Although the Vids on youtube are made by the guys selling them and they have done it hundreds of times
    To the experts: is it really as easy as it looks and does it work immediately or is there some firmware to be installed or messed with

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    i used to b in electronics in H.S. so if there is more 2 do no biggie i just wanted a simple installation cuz im lazy lol


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