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Thread: Tiger Woods 09 Update Safe to Install?

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    Tiger Woods 09 Update Safe to Install?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but i thought i'd better get clarification before i did something dumb and bricked my wii.

    at the moment im running 3.1E Firmware with The HBC installed via TW Hack and Gamma Loader 0.3 + 002 fix.

    I have an original copy of TW 09 but obviously it wants to update the system before it'll let me play it. my question is if i let it install will it mess up the HBC or the Gamma Loader?

    I've read up on Starfall and Preloader but you need at least 3.2 to run Starfall and preloader looks... complicated to this noob.

    also would it be easier to somehow update my wii to the latest 3.2 firmware and run starfall?

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    My understanding is if you update your PAL wii, with a PAL game you'll be fine, but if you have a NTSC wii and the game is PAL (or vice-versa) the update could brick your wii. Play safe, bac k the game up, apply brickblocker and you'll def be safe as houses.



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