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Thread: 4.0E probleme's

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    4.0E probleme's

    i just recently downgrade my wii from 4.0E and everything turn black and white. then I update back to 4.0E and accidentally erased the homebrew channel and now when i try to install the homebrew channel it doesn't copy the twilight hack so what can i do to fix these problem's


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    bad news m8, 4.0 firmware blocks the tw hack from being installed via zelda. i don't know if you can install another way.

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    here's a question, if you format your wii, would that erase the 4.o update, and any other updates, making your system whatever it was before , like when it was new.?? thats what i think i would try if i had a problem like yours. i dont honestly know if it would help or not, but mine was 3.4 when i got it, and im back to 3.2 again

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    From what i can gather no it does not work you just loose all the save data.

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    nope unfortunatley a format doesnt fix

    like u said it just erases save data and any channels that had been added

    but leaves the firmware as is.


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