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Thread: wasabi zero solderless install problem

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    wasabi zero solderless install problem

    I recently tried the solderless install of the wasabi zero on my D2E wii. I followed the instructions for setting the jumpers and connecting the clip to the modchip. However, when I turn on the wii, I get a solid red light, the front panel has the blue light flashing and the drive doesn't run.

    Can someone give me some help in locating the problem and how to fix it? I think it might be improper placement of the clip onto the board, but I am insure. How can i tell if the clip is properly placed on the board? I already removed the clip once, and placed it back again, but I am wary of doing it again to try to readjust the clip for fear of the clip or wii breaking on me, so I would like to get as much information as possible before doing it again.

    Also, when I removed the clip, the wii would return to running properly again. Please help, I can't seem to figure out the problem.

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    The clip should be lodged in that slot on the wasabi chip and the chip should be below the clip, not to the side or anything. It's really pretty hard to put it in wrong and there's only one way you can have it set that the chip would be below the clip.

    You're sure the jumpers are correct?

    Anyway, here's a picture. This is how it should look. If it looks that way you might want to consider the possibility that a wire on the clip could be bent out of place. From what I hear the Wasabi's clip is better quality than a number of others. I've heard you can usually take it out and reinstall it 5 times generally.


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