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Thread: Noob looking for intel on Flatmod and Firmware updates

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    Noob looking for intel on Flatmod and Firmware updates

    I am brand new to the forums here. I have done softmods on PSP and Original Xbox and Hacked firmware on Xbox360 so I am not completely new to hacking and modding but I am new to the wii community.

    I just purchased a brand new Wii and a Flatmod chip.
    Before I did the install I looked everywhere for information on running firmware updates before the install but I could not find the info I was looking for.

    Last night I installed my flatmod chip and I got the wii back together and running again without any issues, however I dont know what to do about running system updates.

    I am aware that I cannot update to Firmware 4.0 until there is a work around for the homebrew channel.

    Here is what I am confused about:

    1. I cant browse the web until I update. There is no Browser at all. Is there a workaround for this? Can I download the browser on my PC and put it on my memory stick and copy it to the wii???
    2. Is there a way to get anything off the shopping channel without updating to the latest firmware??
    3. If I decide to update to 4.0 will is harm my system or modchip?? Could an update like this render the chip useless?

    If this info is somewhere on this site or somewhere else Please bare with me as I have not had any luck finding anything except how to install the flatmod chip.



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    Go to the tutorials section, there are lots of guides.

    The web browser is not built in. It's a 500 Wii points download from the Shop channel, or an illegal wad.

    Use a Shop Channel updater to update only your shop channel so you can use it without updating firmware - It's included in the IOS 61 installer, google it, choose the shop install.

    If you do update to 4.0, Nintendo can update your firmware while you sleep due to the new EULA. This hasn't happened yet, but even Bushing has admitted it is a possibility, though unlikely.

    It cannot render the chip useless, Flatmod is a 4th gen chip, uses intellegent code transfer, so it cannot be detected. The greatest harm updating can do to your system is render all current and future homebrew useless. It does not have the possibilty to brick your Wii, unless it's an out of region update or you have a softmod.

    If you have the $$$, go get a replacement DVD drive with a Wiikey2/Wasabi, it has 6x loading times and GC audiofix.
    Other than that, there's not much difference, only you can't have Bootmii since you've got a new Wii, with the bugfixed boot1.
    Be careful with homebrew, if you completely screw up your Wii, it's not fixable without Bootmii which you can't have!

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    Quote Originally Posted by incraas View Post
    It's a 500 Wii points download from the Shop channel, or an illegal wad.
    Its free in the UK - well internet channel anyway.
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