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Thread: Installation Help

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    Installation Help

    I'm looking for someone who has had success with installing the mod chip in the wii that allows you to play burned games. I've got a new model wii so the pins are not exposed on the chip.

    I'm visiting the Rockford, IL area and would like to get it modified today or tomorrow.

    If there's no one in this area I will be in Iowa on Friday and will be staying there as that's where I live

    Thanks for the help

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    I dont know anyone in that area but we are doing one with a wii on saturday live video feed so keep posted about that, otherwise you can ship it to us and have us do it for you. but that involves, sending the wii to us, and trust. so you probably dont want to take that route

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    I would prefer to be able to take physically take it to the person doing it. But just in case, how much do you charge?

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    Lifetime Guarantee for my installs

    If anyone is interested, I charge $50 for the installation and testing in just about any console or game system. I offer fast turnaround time, multiple shipping options and with all my installs a *LIFETIME GUARANTEE*. I don't care if you drop kick this thing, if the chip comes loose for any reason I will re-install and test it free of charge...forever. Any questions just shoot me a message or e-mail.
    I handle shipping no matter where you are.



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