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Thread: Wii Speak Channel - WAD

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    Wii Speak Channel - WAD

    I've tried to install the wii speak channel usa wii-oneup .wad, but I keep getting the "Not a Wii Application" error, or a error in Manager 1.3. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Do you even have to update to get the channel? I have a valid wii speak and code. I'm currently running 3.4.

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    "Not a Wii Application" prompted when using WAD Manager v1.3 ?

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    No. I got an ref = -1 error when using 1.3. Any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by criterbug View Post
    No. I got an ref = -1 error when using 1.3. Any ideas?
    error ret=-1 means "missing file in SD card".
    3.4U blocks fake signed files.
    root cause of problem....
    .....ur false !

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    wii speak

    hi ive downgraded to 3.2e and have homebrew ect, everyting is working fine at the moment, my question is ive just got my daughter the wii speak i have tryed to install it and had to go to the wii shopping channel and it is aking for a system update is it safe to do this, i really dont want to mess up the wii for my little girl, thanks

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    There is a Wii Speak Channel wad and the updated ios out there. Do a quick Google search. I'm still on 3.4 and won't accept the ios update.. channel install fine, no ios.


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