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Thread: new exploit (being tweaked for 4.0)

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    new exploit (being tweaked for 4.0)

    basically upload a custom dol file to your sd card. click on the sd save game tab, when it asks to load from sd card hit yes. boom goes the dynomite

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    If its that easy then this is the most idiot proof way of installing homebrew channel.

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    is that proven??

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    Being tweaked for 4.0?

    Any news on this?

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    Hiya mate. I am a noob at this and looking for advice regards getting the home brew channel. I know there are some serious issues getting this channel with firmare version 4.0 (which I have) Are you basically saying by uploading the required file this will allow installation of the hbc on this version.

    Also since I have little or no clue what i am on about can you please tell me if the link below is the one I download. Just copied and pasted the details from the hbc/ website.

    .DOL (For usage with Twilight Hack & other booting methods)
    Please read the README file!
    (MD5: 183d80460b7df98bdf90c8c349e4ca7b)

    Cheers, Jimmy

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    "So here is the proof that everyone has been wanting, this has the dol loading code implemented. It only technically works on 3.2 at the time being but its a small fix to get it to work for the other versions(including 3.4 and 4.0). Comex is a bit busy right now so those versions will follow soon(like tommorow or the next day).

    The exploit is very simple, just put the file on your sd card(which will be a channel).
    Go to the SD channel menu and a dialog will popup, hit yes and it will load boot.dol fromt he root of the sd card. It can load any dol so this means you can run homebrew on a wii with ease if you don't want to fully mod your wii."

    Description from the video.

    Thought it would be useful to be here. =D

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    Smile Awesome

    Can't wait to try it out. Just updated to 4.0 then found out about Homebrew...what a bummer. But your posts give me hope !

    Keep up the good work !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by righteye View Post
    Can't wait to try it out. Just updated to 4.0 then found out about Homebrew...what a bummer. But your posts give me hope !

    Keep up the good work !!
    Yeah same as above, if this don't come out by Monday I'm taking back my wii and I'm gonna blag a brand new one. Fingers crossed.

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    Question Wii exploit for v4.0

    If this runs homebrew on v4.0, could you then run an IOS or CIOS downgrade and try and go back down to 3.2 ????

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    U should be able to downgrade once you get HBC up and running.

    I'm willing to be a betatester btw.

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