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Thread: Banner Bricked Wii - URGENT!

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    Banner Bricked Wii - URGENT!

    I have officially banner bricked my wii due to a bad WAD (i assume)

    i have HBC, WAD Manager, and Backup Launcher channels installed. Also, I have a few pirated VC and WiiWare games installed. I need to get this fixed!

    I called Nintendo for a repair, and they said that after flashing the Wii, they will install firmware 4.0. Will I then be unable to install the Twilight hack?

    Also, will they overlook the HBC and pirated VC/WiiWare titles? I'm hoping that they just go right in and flash it, and hopefully it will just wipe everything off without doing anything.

    Your thoughts? It will cost about $85 in total since it is out of warranty...

    Should I just buy an old Wii off eBay or pay the $85 and risk it? Or is it even a risk at all?

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    Just buy a mod chip... autoboot any region changer and install a system wad

    the flow chart may help you to figure it out
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    Have you used the search function ? used the Tutorial section ?

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    hi...sorry we're busy, so only giving priority to supporting members like MK contestants / forum donators at this time...

    The advice given is up to you whether to act on it or not. NO responsibility is taken for you screwing up !
    Thanks for your understanding

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    wait for a few more days.
    the light wiil shine on u........twilight !
    the hack is coming.

    Ninty would not care of what's in the console, but the $85.
    save ur $$ and buy another wii fm eBay, so u could enjoy 2 players with scores at Mario_Kart Worldwide races.
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    lol thanks for the upbeat reply. yeah me and my friend were just talking about how Ninty only cares about gettin the money.

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    I'd like to see a more detailed jpg of that flowchart!

    EDIT: I tried clicking it and saving it, but the picture is too tiny to read.
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