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Thread: Help Please - Black Screen (Star Wars, House Of Dead etc)!

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    Angry Help Please - Black Screen (Star Wars, House Of Dead etc)!

    I'm going nuts at the moment, I have a softmodded wii PAL 3.1, using the wiigator gamma Loader 0.3 cIOS 249. have no problems with a majority of games but
    House Of The Dead
    Shaun White's Sbowboarding
    Star Wars Clone Wars
    Call Of Duty : World At War
    Won't load, I get the black screen Disc Error. Now have about 25 DVD's with these games on, none of which work, but I have dozens of other games that do (including Sonic Black, Need Speed etc)
    Installed IOS 36, 53, 55 also
    I've used different disks, different speeds, always use brickblokerm, even triewd waninkoko's ios patcher and forced 249 on the games still to no avail. There has to be a simple solution and hopefully you'll know what it is.
    I appreciate you reading this and hope someone can reply.

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    I am in the same boat with exactly the same games. I think that this is a soft-mod problem, since users with chips do not seem to have it. All the suggestions I found was related to cleaning the discs, using different ones, burning slower, but I have got a load of games that HAVE worked using the same procedure and dvd-batch. I have tried these games multiple times with multiple brands (all DVD-R) and they havent worked once. Some get to a loading screen, and then black screen. I think there needs to be an update soon, since this is going to treacle through like the 002 error did.

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    All has been fixed! Go HERE and follow all the instructions! Easy-peasy!

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