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Thread: MadWorld via GeckOS?

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    Us MadWorld via GeckOS?

    I have a d2pro9 installed and people are flipping out about this system update to 4.0. Just want to know if I can run Mad World through GeckOS (in homebrew channel) -will it force the update?

    and if i were to do this would I need to upgrade to the "Unoffical Gecko OS 1.07b with 002fix and sdhc support with source" off of ?

    just want to know my options, i've been browsing on here for the past hour or so with no concrete answers and im tempted to just give it a go although 4.0 sounds terrifying and would like to avoid it. (on a side note can i do the same for mario tennis?)

    -can't wait to deep fry some enemies. thanks in advance!

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    you can do three things:
    1-let it update,it only copies the files it needs and doesnt actually update anything.
    2-install ios 53,55,38 manually.
    3-use a gecko os with 002 fix.

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