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Thread: Okami

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    i was waiting to finish this game to write a reveiw for it,and now i have:
    in game you control amatsuru,the sun got incarnated as a white wolf,there is this orichi character who is looking to cast the world in darkness(there is much more to story then this ofcourse).so you`ll control the wolf using nunchuck and waggle the wiimote for attacking.oh and there is one more this:the celectail brush:by pressing B every thing stops and the screen turn paper like and using wiimote by pressing A you can draw!over the course of the game you learn brush technique,like by drawing a circle over a dead tree you`ll revive it and make it blossom.there lots of other techniques-fire,cherry bomb,water,...-.
    the graphics are very artistic,every thing seems like a painting.


    this game is the best action/adventure game i have ever played hands down.unfortunatly no one seems to know about it/played it because most are busy drooling over zelda...which i think is way overrated.the only reason i bought it is because of hbc

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    This game was started on the PS2 I believe.

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    The game was great 8]
    Then X-play came on and gave it a crappy score...Curse you Adam and Morgan
    It deserves 10 on all catagories

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiiwouldliketohack View Post
    This game was started on the PS2 I believe.
    ya,i even bought it but never finished it cause i sold my ps2 to buy a xbox360.good thing capcom port it to wii

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    I never finished the ps2 version but replay for wii version last few months. The control is much better on wii and celestial brush is easier to draw on a wii too. The story line is quite good and quite funny too.

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    i cant imagine using the celestial brush on a ps2... sucks

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    This game is awesome and even though its long that just makes it all the more better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Favs View Post
    This game is awesome and even though its long that just makes it all the more better.
    hmmmm.....not played it yet, might have to give it a go!

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    definitely a great game! played on ps2 now trying to re experience it with wii!

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    I have to agree, this game is awesome. By far one of the coolest games I've ever played!

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