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Thread: What comes out of the Wii component cable?

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    What comes out of the Wii component cable?

    Hi guys,

    Serious question here. A little background information first for the uninitiated:

    The component cable for the Wii can theoretically output YUV (YPbPr) or Red Green Blue. Both video signals can be referred to as 'Component' (I.E. they both exist out of several components). However, when people talk about component they usually mean YPbPr (analogue signal) or YCbCr (its digital equivalent).

    Now, my video processor reports Wii outputs RGB and NOT YPbPr as I was expecting. This could work on some TV if and only IF they accept RGB with the sync signal on the green lead. On many sets this simply would not work though.

    Does anyone have some definitive information on this?

    Kind regards,


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    I don't have any information but when I switched from scart to the component cable it was like going from black & white to colour. Rember to configure the wii accordingly.

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    If it works, why does it matter?

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    analog video signals come out from Wii component cables, for sure !!

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    For the main part I am just curious. Secondly, the VP would probably make some wrong calls when interpreting the video signal. Finally, RGB component does not allow color adjustments whereas Yuv component does.

    Logic 3 call their cable an RGB component one so in that respect I believe Nintendo is a bit misleading...


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