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Thread: Any Region Loader Error 1026, 3.2U > 3.2 J

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    Unhappy Any Region Loader Error 1026, 3.2U > 3.2 J

    Hello, I've decided to post here after looking through all related posts and possible material on the net...

    There's been a problem with me trying to use Any Region Loader. Long story short:

    I had 3.4U.

    I downgraded to 3.2 U, installed homebrewchannel. I didn't do this downgrade with ARLoader, but some other programs which involves the WAD Manager and cISO Downgrader 1.2.

    Everything works fine after downgrading.

    So I wanted to play a japanese game, but I often have font issues: The hiragana and whatnot changes to symbols.

    As a result i've decided to use ARL to permanently change it to Japanese, since I can read it anyway.

    So I notice that "AREA" And "SYSTEM MENU" has to be both JP, and the shop, 1, for it to become a fully JP wii. I have not accessed the shop channel before anyway, so I assume I wouldn't be locked out.

    I pressed "OK" when prompted to install 3.2J, and i have repeatedly tried doing so, only to get this error:

    Installation complete!
    Cleaning up temporary IOS version 253
    Removing tickets... No tickets found!
    - Removing title contents...
    Error! ES_DeleteTitleContent (ret = -106)
    - Removing title...
    Error! ES_Delete Title (ret = -106)
    Press any key to continueError! ES_OpenTitleContent (ret = -1026)

    Now, I have a "." On installed region, and I'm getting the Brick Warning message.

    These are my current settings:

    Language: JP
    Console Area: JP
    Game Region Setting (Mine is Wasabi chipped): USA
    Console Video Mode: NTSC
    Shop Country Code: 1
    Services EULA: Unread

    System menu 3.2 installer, Installed Region "."

    This is the screen right after my error during the installation, as shown above, after applying the supposedly correct settings...

    I've noticed that other readers experienced the same things, but they're downloading from 3.3U to 3.2U, or something similar, there has been no case of "Conversion of 3.2U to 3.2J, and then we get this error" post or phenomenon.

    As seen here: Talk:AnyRegion Changer - WiiBrew

    I'm not really willing to press save, exit, or reboot, for fear of turning my wii into a paperweight forever.

    Can anyone please help me with this issue?

    It would be much appreciated, thank you.

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    Update: I got fed up, Exit to loader. Wii crashed, came up semi bricked.

    Upon my next loadup of Any Region Changer/loader, The installed region said "J".

    I changed it back to "U", and this time it installed fine. The semi-brick was fixed, but that was about everything I dared to do.

    I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me how to change it to "J" without this happening again.

    Thank you for your time.


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