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Thread: Any DSi glitches/easter eggs

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    Question Any DSi glitches/easter eggs

    I have found one where your DSi sound will play the mario tune and when watching the excite bike when playing music, a cyclist came too.
    Anyone found any others?

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    I play everyday Mario with music,mi record is 1203 coins

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    Is that a glitch?

    I have beaten that with 1371 coins, listening to Just Jack - Embers.
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    just to tell you, it's not a glitch
    it come it's visual that comes with it
    i mean come on its nintendo
    they always do cute and funky stuff not that i don't like it i just know better
    it's like Hideo Kojima (if your a MGS series fan)
    if you ever played MGS: Twin Snakes, you can find Mario and Yoshi on the lab computer after finding Otacon
    if you shoot it, they make sounds
    i think the better term to use is EASTER EGG
    sry everyone

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    dark alex are you the dark alex psp hacker

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    i believe there is a stong chance it is

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    if you guese want 2 keep up w/ DSi hacking (nothing so far lol) which includes brute forcing for the common key use these 2 links


    2. DSi Common Key Bruteforcer -

    PLEASE HELP BRUTE FORCE every little bit helps S
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    This time i made sure....

    I'm gonna help you

    Wiihacks IRC
    Brawl: 2406-5287-1013

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    If you go on youtube, you may have heard about the "Mario Music" egg:

    To get to it, just go to dsi Sound, click on the icon on the left, then just highlight a sound file and wait

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    Cool thats a shame

    Quote Originally Posted by .:Dark::Alex:. View Post
    I play everyday Mario with music,mi record is 1203 coins
    you must have some crappy songs cuz on mine i usually get around 4000, i listen to heavy metal though and some songs are like 7 mins...... i found out how to change it from saying dsi menu in blue to change the color for the bacround words to red and black


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