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Thread: Older Games not work fine

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    Older Games not work fine

    I have kind of a weird situation. I have Wii Key 2 with the latest update of it. My brother recently updated the firmware version on the Wii to 4.0 via the wii online....which hypothetically should not be an issue

    but now I have this issue...the games I burned before the update are not working but the games I have burned since the update do work. The games before the update are older games from say last year or so..the recent games I have burned are all new releases. They are all being burned the same on Memorex discs at 8x and I have never had an issue before. I only burn same region games. (I realize the older firmware is better but i dont use the homebrew channel really or vc games...just burned its never been an issue).

    The reason he updated is he said he put in a new game (moto gp) and it requested to do an update. I had told him previously not to do any updates from the discs but he apparently didnt realize I meant no updates AT ALL. So the update was not done via a out of region disc...but he went to wii settings and did it via the actual wii console settings itself. After the update Moto Gp Worked fine by the way....just older games stopped working

    I figured if the update screewd something up it would do it to all games...not just make the older games stop working but the newest ones (moto gp, golds fitness thing, etc) still work fine.

    Any ideas?

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    Also having this problem. I foolishly updated to 4.0 to use the store and now only my Madden08 backup works. Is there a way yet to downgrade firmware?

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    any updates on this? Now almost all backup games will not play at all. Even ones that worked yesterday suddenly do not work....its like killing one game after another...i burn, it works for a little bit, then stops working.....its so weird...

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    when you buy media, you get what you pay for.

    Go to BestBuy and get yourself some Verbatim DVD-R disks. Sure they are more expensive than most others but here's the thing....THEY WORK!

    Memorex are of cheaper quality and prolly have weakened your laser. If you do not want to pay that much for Verbatims feeling that I'm yankin' your chain, let me know and I'll ship you one to try. Free of charge!!
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    by saying "the games I burned before the update are not working ....", what's the error message, or shown on tv screen ?
    another mistake, or say ur luck is gone, is the burning speed with the veteran memorex-8X disc.

    go get quality Verbatim-16X and burn with ImgBurn at 2X. u get 90~99% good disc, playable and reliable.


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