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Thread: Super mario bothers homebrew channel spoof

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    Super mario bothers homebrew channel spoof

    Any body else heard of this? Supposedly installs homebrewchannel on 4.0

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    if you pause it on the loading screen, the address on the bottom reads The Homebrew Channel

    that would be sweet if its real. considerably faster then downgrading.

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    Heard about this yesterday - some guy made an installer for the homebrew channel, problem is that it will only work on his wii and to get it to work on other peoples you need some sort of encryption key that you can only get if you have the homebrew channel, so its a no go....but interesting all the same...

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    One Step closer.

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    i just downgraded my 4.0u wii back to 3.2u by the way RGJR77 my wii looks exactly like your avatar.


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