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Thread: noob question about gamecube games

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    noob question about gamecube games

    sorry for the noob question but if my wii is modded can i download Gamecube games & play them on the wii.

    if so do i still burn them as ISO's?

    is there any limitations on this?

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    i think you do it the same. there is a program that can create the iso for you, aswell as letting you put more than 1 game on a disc. you also need the gamecube controlers.

    when i get home i will place a link to the program.

    am posting with the PSP at the moment

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    ok im at home now here is the link.

    Wii-FTW A wii information resource for news, mods, homebrew, reviews, guides, software, hardware, and how to for wii mod chips and accessories

    The like will hopefully explain it all.

    it should allow you to create a iso from the GameCube games as well as letting you play some N64 games.
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    im not sure if you will be able to download the GCOS from that site but i can email it to you if you would like.

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    thanks for that.
    I will give that a go when i get a mo
    Im off on vacation today so will try it when i get back next week on thursday

    much appreciated though

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    If you need, i have a copy of GCOS with a front end (GUI), so if you don't know dos it speeds things up a little. Send me a pm with your e-mail if ya want it.


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