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Thread: wanted - ntorrents invite

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    Post wanted - ntorrents invite

    Hi, here's a puzzle question. See if you can solve it. I'll give you the answer in exchange for an ntorrents invite. If you want the answer, PM me with the invite.
    You're in a room that has five bullet making machines, which continuously churn out bullets, and a weighing scale. The machines should make bullets that weigh 20 grams each, but one of the machines is faulty and makes bullets weighing 21 grams each. You don't know which machine is faulty. How can you find out which machine is faulty, provided you can use the weighing machine only once?

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    Have fun in the reading room

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    we should make a propaganda poster saying the reading room is a land of sweets, and joy, and joyness.

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    this seems fairly simple but perhaps i am wrong.
    I would just take 1 bullet from the 1st machine, 2 from the 2nd, 3 from the 3rd, 4 from 4th and 5 from the 5th. Then however many grams over 300g the scale says corresponds to what machine it is. So if its 303g then the 3rd machine is bad.

    I know i wont get an invite, but i found the post from a search and couldn't resist answering it.

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    Hey that's a good puzzle actually.

    Good thing you didn't ask for an NT invite though, it's a bannable restriction here at Wiihacks.

    I think this thread deserves locking now, it's way out of date and already features 2 banned users.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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