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Thread: Wasabi DX Easy Install Now If I Had a Clue

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    Lightbulb Wasabi DX Easy Install Now If I Had a Clue


    I have a couple week old Wii that I just installed my Wasabi DX modchip into. My problem is that I have no clue how to update the firmware. I understand conceptually I must burn it to a DVD and I have read and followed the instructions I could find. My specific questions are as follows:

    1) I downloaded and extracted the three files from Wasabi boot.bin, README, and update.dol. In the readme file like all of the posts it talks about burning the ISO. What is the ISO?

    2) In ImgBurn which I have tried to use a number of times can someone spell out the exact settings I need to burn a firmware upgrade DVD?

    3) Once I have this DVD when do I insert it and how do I use it?

    I am sorry if this information exists else where but I couldn't find it. I am really hoping to get to a solution soon! I have a long story I will share sometime if anyone is interested but mostly I would like to share my happy end! Ha ha ha!

    Thanks in advance!

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    ok first you extracted 1 to many times if you actually see the boot,update and readme files. when extracted -only once -the size of the file should be 1,425,760 once you have that use image burn to "write file to disc" option. when thats done simply put disc in wii and start the update as you would start to play any game

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    Open up img burn ,click on the top left one ,write image file to disc,then pick your speed 4X or lower, pick your file from were you saved it, you should see a title under source in img burn, click little icon bottom left and away you go

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    Wow this Form is great and at the same time I am SLOW!!!!!

    Thanks for the info on the ISO! When I did the initial downlowd and extract my WinZip program put their icon on the ISO so I didn't realize it was the ISO.

    I first tried it with my LiteScribe media and sure enough like everyone said Media is KEY! I then switched to over to my Memorex standard DVD-R and sure enough without even playing with the speed settings it worked.

    FYI I have two DVD burners and after reading I also found that the drive can some times be the problem. The Sony I have was called out as a potential problem but it did work. I think the key is working to find a stable solution! I would definitly stick to the recomended media. I am going to go out today and purchase some Verbatum!

    Also to note that the Wii Fit PAL purchased disk does not work on a NTSC Wii with the Wasabi DX even with v1.2. This honestly was a major driving force for me to do Mod this Wii and still stuck! Any ideas would be appreciated!

    Last Also I promise! For those of you like me who happen to find yourself with a PAL Wii back in the US you will find that it doesn't work on all TVs. I tried many things on a newer Plasma and couldn't get it to work. Even the component cables. I really think that is a hit or miss also. I got the rolling screen but did get sound... oops! Anyway I could plug it in on my buddies LCD and then had a stable but poor picture! Hope this helps someone like me! I tried a lot of stuff so if you have any questions just let me know!

    Trying to learn!


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