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Thread: Lifted A pad help

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    Lifted A pad help

    I lifted the A pad on my wiikey 2 yellow sticker. I think i see a trace leading to a leg, but am not sure. Can anyone help me with this?

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    You lifted a pad on the chip itself???? that is pretty rare. If this is what happened just scrape away some of the protective shell as there are traces running under the plastic.

    You should be able to see a trace running from where your bad was and scrape some away and solder there.

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    No, sorry i ment i lifted the A pad on my wii. I can't see any visable trace leading to the ic. I'm not sure what to do. look at the diagram, i cant see any traces leading anywhere.

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    the point A is linked to the component lead at the other side.
    u insert a short piece of #30AWG wire and solder it, ensure the continuity in there.
    be care not to break the small thru-hole nearby, near the connector pin.

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    This seems to be a very common problem. Just a month ago, the same thing happened to me and fortunately the boards here helped me. I also noticed quite a few posts stating it was the same point where the solder was lifted. I wish the Wiikey folks would put up a disclaimer or change there install instructions so new folks can avoid this.

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