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Thread: wii for $75 - $100

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    wii for $75 - $100

    i own a small business.....getting emails from China suppliers and web sites....for wii for $75-$100 including shipping.....

    now is this true....or is there wii fake systems out?

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    also nds systems for $40us
    now doing some reading.....can be true...cause of the market....but i just...just called one of Hong Konk suppliers....they tell me to be careful
    of fakes out....but they do work...
    so if they are fakes....have to wonder, if they play back-ups....

    try and order 2....for $150.00....and see when and if they come in...
    if they do not...then I am out...

    PS3 for $88

    wow.....not just getting one or two emails.....but lots from this china-trading site....


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    t must be fake one or used wii with prob..

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    I was looking around Chinese websites for replacement parts today and minus shipping you can get all the Wii guts for around $100-120, and that is not buying in bulk at all. Mind you it does not include cables, shell or remote either.

    So it could be possible they are bulking up and selling fakes...but if they work ok, who cares? On DX the Wu branded remotes are getting decent reviews, so why not a 3rd party system? I would be wary of sending my money to them though, even more so if they were willing to knock 25% off and order of 2 (10 maybe but not two).

    Strangely enough i could not find the WiFi part for less than $30 and not in China at all.

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    I would LOL at you if they are the Chinese Vii's lol not a real Wii. I would not trust anything you buy from there, go onto youtube and search up Vii game review. Then this dude has a channel showing all this cheap crap made by them.

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    YES the VII

    The Vii it is called....looks and plays the same as the Wii....
    No need for will play all Wii back up...For $100 why not is a hobbie...

    but how good it works....who knows....


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    The VII is a peice of crap that does not play real wii games, nor is it motion control or any of that.

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    The image of the Main board looks very close to the wii board. Resolution is not high enough to see if the chips are correct though.

    I would pay 100 for a hack wii to piss around with, but after shipping i think it would be close to the same... Unless DX starts selling all the stuff i don't think it will happen.

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    Dont buy that kind of crap... Just fake systems from china!

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    LOL, excellent first post!

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