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Thread: Drive key Issues any help would be appreciated

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    Unhappy Drive key Issues any help would be appreciated

    Hey guys i just got my drive key a couple of months ago and im still unable to use my backup copies evry time that i put a burned dvd it says

    "Unable to read the disc" / "Disc could not be read" / "Eject the Game Disc
    " Error Message

    but i did try with the originals and the worked fine also im able to acces the drive key configuration is set to read the dvds for Usa and off course im dowloading them by torrent and all of them are NTSC and when i burn those backups i already tried different speeds Max,6X,4X,2X,1X and no luck as of yet these are the following Dvds that i have tried and also the details of my dvd burner please any help on how to make them to work post it thanks or let me know thanks.....

    details for the dvd burner i used two >>
    Sony DVD RW AW-G170A
    Sony DVD RW AW-G120A

    and here is the media that i have tried

    Sony Dvd+R
    Memorex Dvd+R

    Staples Dvd-R
    TDK Dvd-R

    i heard that they work best with verbatim Dvd-R but i want to know if maybe is something else so i would like a little help here thanks again

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    What software version are you on, and are the iso's scrubbed?

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    also what program are you using o burn the images?

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    image burn

    i try image burn to burn the dvds and also nero 7 and as for the images i try two one was zipped and extracted and it was 4.37gb and the other one was the hole image same 4.37 the games were

    metroid prime 3
    dragon ball z 3

    as for the software version if you are refering to the the wii it has the latest version

    thanks a lot let me know anything new

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    Did you finally resolve this? I had the same problem, and I just reseated the mod chip which then allowed me to play all the backups I had previously burned.

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    what do you mean reset it? how you do that ?

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    burn the ISO with ImgBurn at 2X, using dvd-r ( not dvd+r ).
    reset the drivekey means the 'module' might not seat been aligned well. check the cables. if u've got it a couple of months ago and still not working, u should return for replacement !

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    Problem with drive key resolved

    hello guys i just want to let you know that i finally fix my problem i open my wii i reset the connectors and i put it back together and it works my backups and the originals now here is a tip i try a lot of dvds and these are working just fine for me

    TDK X16 DVD-R
    burn them with image burn at 1X speed and you will succeed
    here is the ones that i have dowload so far and are working

    dragon ball z3
    metroid prime 3
    ready to rumble 2
    mario kart

    everything is working im happy that i didn't waste my money thanks all of guys for all the advices byeeee
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    I have a similar problem, I installed my drivekey last night and it will play some of my backups and not others
    All were burned at 4x on Windata dvd-r, all were downloaded torrents
    I reburned a couple at 2x without any success, 'Im guessing I just got bad d/ls on the ones that don't work, but could there be another reason

    Another question, when I went into the drivekey menu, it would not let me save settings until I changed a setting, so I changed a setting, saved it and then went back in and changed it back and saved it, so it works as it should, just wondering if that is a common problem and if it has other ramifications

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    Are the ones that won't work scrubbed versions, I had trouble with that when I first got my drivekey. I have since learned to not use scrubbed versions.

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