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Thread: Need help updating from 3.1u to 3.2u please

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    Need help updating from 3.1u to 3.2u please

    All right let me start by saying i have successfully installed HBC, backup launcher, wads and so on, on 3 different wii's so far..but all were on 3.2u or above and i had no problems! Now onto my problem:

    I have a brand new wii that has 3.1u on it. I installed the Homebrew Channel with no problem. But i cannot get anyregion to start through the homebrew channel to update it to 3.2u!(after i click on it in the HC it just goes black for a sec, then reboots to the wii menu) Also it wont let me do the install of the WiiGator backup launcher either, i get a network error! Now i've read through lots of post here, and first i saw you have to accept the user agreements for wiiconnect and the internet, and i did both! but still it will not work! my internet connection is fine also!

    Please help if you can!

    UPDATE: Sorry for the inconvenience but everything mysteriously started working for me!! I was hoping i could delete the thread since no one replied, but i cannot! Mods please delete if you wish!
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    Actually, I was wondering if you could expand on this at all? I recently just got a Japanese Wii with version 3.1 still on it. My Japanese version of Twilight Princess is coming this week and I was wondering as well since most people already have 3.2 or higher on the system.

    On another thread, it was suggested I upgrade to 4.0 then downgrade back to 3.2. Since you have modded multiple systems, can you give me any advice? Is it advised to upgrade to 4, and then back down? I've read some threads on here about people having problems downgrading back after going up to 4. I don't really care about the SD Card whatever that 4.0 offers, but was just gonna upgrade to 4 for the updates. Any advice would be great!!

    I'm mostly just looking to play SSBB and Kart online etc. Thanks alot if u can offer help!!!

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    well what i did was, installed the homebrew channel first.
    then used the app "anyregion changer". You can get the file from THIS post under the upgrading firware section!

    after i had the HC Channel installed i just made a folder on my SD card named "apps" then place the folder from the download into the apps folder. mine looked like this: F:apps/cISO Downgrader 1.2/boot.dol

    now to use it you just open the homebrew channel and you should see it there now, just click on it to run the program, and now you should get a list of firmware options to choose from..just make sure you choose the proper version for your region..i selected 3.2u(im guessing you will use 3.2j) and it then downloaded all the files(which took a few minutes) then installed the update(also took a few minutes) and when it was done it rebooted and i was indeed on 3.2u!

    now just to be clear this is what worked for me, im guessing it should work for you as long as you choose the right firmware version! and from what i read 3.2 is where you want to be!

    and from what i heard you cannot downgrade from 4.0 yet, but im not the most informed person to ask about this, maybe there is a way, i just havent read about it yet!

    Good Luck!

    NOTE: I should add that before i did this, i did install WiiGator's Backup Launcher..not sure if this added any necessary IOS's or w/e to make this happen, but i just want to be clear with you exactly what i did!
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    Ok great, I think that's the best thing to do. The only thing I was curious about is the updates. As long as I can play Kart etc online and it doesn't ask me for some kind of updates not supplied by going from 3.1 to 3.2, then I think 3.2 should be fine for me.

    Is there any real reason to upgrade past 3.2 other than the minor extras (like the SD Card stuff, etc on 4.0)? I don't need it at all for any games, etc? Thanks again!!!

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    ok so i have the 3.1 u v and wish to hack it .to do so i need to put it to 1.2 u but i dnt wanna upgrade cuz ill go to 3.4.In other sites it says that i have to install the homebrew channel first.
    then used the app "anyregion changer to go to v 1.2 u.but i dnt know if its possible to download homebrew chnael without the zelda hack. and then again thers another sites that says that thers a programe that unlocks the homebrew of ur wii... honestly nt sure if it gonna any suggestions?

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    wow. wtf.

    All i got from that is you're on 3.1u and havent read a guide yet. Follow any guide out there. You can stay on 3.1. You'll need HBC.

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    so i can use the zelda hack even on 3.1 ,is that wut ur sayin?

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    that's what i'm sayin.

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    how do i download hbc without instaling the zelda hack first? cuz when whe i do the zelda hack it jus the image just stops

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    the Zelda hack will install homebrew channel on your Wii. Google will bring you to the hackmii page.

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