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Thread: Drivekey/Wasabi Dx limited to 3x even when disabled?

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    Question Drivekey/Wasabi Dx limited to 3x even when disabled?

    Looking at getting one of the solderless chips for my brand new Wii which unfortunately had been "accidentally" updated to 4.0 (therefore no homebrew). I've got some questions regarding the 3x speed limit on reading discx with these solderless chips:

    1. does the 3x speed limit apply to original discs as well as backup discs?
    2. If I choose to disable the modchip (via option menu) would the read speed be still limited to 3x or could I get full speed (6x) back? (thinking of disabling the chip if I run original game discs.
    3. Which chip is likely the better one: drivekey or wasabi DX (the latter I know with the 2.0 beta firmware allows changing it to Wasabi Zero version with special adapter).

    Thanks in advance!!

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    If the chip is off then it is full speed, get the DX can become Zero if your Wii lets it.


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