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Thread: Which chip is for me?

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    Which chip is for me?

    I am looking to do a modchip in my kids wii..I am leaning toword the Wasabi DX or a Drivekey..problem is that I am not 100% sure either of them will work in my situation...Im am almost sure I have a d3 chip (did the serial number check...LU6429xxxx) and I am running the 4.0 update. From what I have read so far, the 4.0 update wont be a problem, the problem is deciding what chip I want. My 2 kids play the wii quite alot and I dont want to make it TOO complicated for them to pop in a game (or backup) and play it...which chip would everyone recommend?

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    drivekey would be simplest, but more expensive. wiikey v2 is a good choice.

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    Im not looking for a simple installation (Ive done modchips in xbox/ps2 and can solder) Im just making sure that my kids can still use the wii without any trouble. Im guessing that a chip with the autoboot feature would be the best for them. Im just wondering if my wii has epoxy on the chip or not...I might have to see if I can find a local retailer that sells a tri-wing screwdriver so I can take it apart and check.
    Does the "dashboard or main menu" of the wii still look the same after you install a modchip or does it change it? (a pic would be great)

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    nothing "changes" except the system sees copied games as real games. Every chip is autoboot, I thought you knew what a mod chip was??? Goto and buy a triwing. Its less than a dollar shipped. DealExtreme: $0.86 Trigram Screw Driver for NDS NDSL and Wii. If you can solder buy the wiikey 2 from for 35 bucks shipped. (if u dont have epoxy and have a d2) If you have a d3 it doesnt matter with a drive key or wasabi both are fine


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