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Thread: Wii Key Issues

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    Wii Key Issues

    I purchased and installed an orgional Wii Key. I have an D2B board, that has solder point 3 missing. Point 3 is soldered to leg 5 on the adjecent IC. ( chip was installed by this guide pic ) As far as I can tell, my installation os flawless (I have been doing Xbox mods for years so I know how to solder very well). After I re-assemble the console, The Wii starts up normaly, and that is it. Console will not play back-up coppies I have made, and will not recongnize any burnt media, I am using Verbatim DVD-r disks. Have I done somthing wrong??? Could my chip possible be dead??? just in case, Is there any way to mod the Wii to play back-ups without a chip??? Any help would be great.

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    Are you sure your D2B doesn't have cut pins?

    Can you post a picture

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    What do you mean by cut pins??? Are there pins I need to cut??? The Wii was brand new when I bought it, and I did not cut any pins during installation. IF you could please be more specific.

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    make a picture of de dvd mobo and post it here.
    than we can see of the mobo hat cut pins.


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