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Thread: Doubts on change console region/menu

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    Doubts on change console region/menu

    Hi, i have 3.3 a JAP console with wiikey2 and after reading the tutorial "How to change region & system menu" ( ), im still confused.. i found some information about bricks using the utility, but i really want do change my console region, but only after consulting more informed people

    moderators: I cant find a tutorial comments especific topic, so im posting here, if its not the appropriate section, please move it for me

    Mainly doubts:

    Since my Wii have a JAP menu, i cant configure my Wifi Connection cause i cant read in Japanese, and trying to use the Waninkoko Wii Config 1.0 app, the Wifi options are descripted as "Not avaliable".. My doubt is: The USA menu positions are the same? (so i could do a "blind" configuration, based on buttons positions after watching some english menu picures/videos)

    noob question: If i complete the tutorial sucessfully, my IOS update (38-53-57, etc) will be lost?

    Actually, some games did not run, remaining on black screen (i have wiikey 2 configured to block the updates), such as Trivial Pursuit, Wii Play, Wii Music, and i found a torrent with an IOS Collection (4-9-10...256) named "IOSXX-64-NUS-vXXX", but without info about IOS regions.. Are those region free and can they help-me to runs these games? if not, did you know a good source of oficial IOS that works on jap consoles?

    In the tutorial the wiikey(1) is mentionated in example about seting the new region on the chip, but i have the wiikey2 wich the setup/update disc is the same.. can i use it? (and after the chip installation i had to put a japanese original disc, wii fit in this case.. will i have to buy a US original game to do the same after finishing the region change or the setup disc already do this?

    Another noob question: After finishing the region change, will i can update my wii via blundle ntsc-u updates of ntsc-u isos without worry? or is it not recommended since i want to keep firmware on 3.2U?

    Sorry about too many questions, but im noob on wii hacking, and i dont want to brick my wii

    Finally, i like this forum very much, think it is well organized and has much useful information. I hope to contribute soon after acquiring more knowledge.

    Thanks to all

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    as far as i know you can downgrade offline,just google it and it will give you a torrent with the needed files and tutorial.
    you can install ios 38-53-57 your self if they are lost.
    after the change you shouldnt update since staying at 3.2 is your best bet.

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    yes, i'm pretty sure they're in the same position
    no, you won't lose ur ios
    yes, ios are regionfree
    the region of your wiikey is set by the first game you put in. you may be able to change the region in the wiikey options or something.

    you will want to keep on 3.2 so install ios manually instead

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thiago D View Post
    Since my Wii have a JAP menu, i cant configure my Wifi Connection cause i cant read in Japanese
    Hi Thiago D,
    How did you get along, any news?

    You can PM me if you need help with your Japanese menus, my gf's Wii is Japanese and I can give you some support with Wifi etc, if you need.

    I'm interested in this thread because I'd like to change FW/Region and would like to hear first hand of what is lost/kept as a result of this process.

    Noob question #2:
    Are channels unaffected after FW/Region change?



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