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Thread: How do I "MOD" MY Nintendo WII ?

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    How do I "MOD" MY Nintendo WII ?

    How do I "MOD" MY Nintendo WII ? What is "MODDING" and why would I need / want to do it ?

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    Modding is applying a custom firmware, or a firmware hack, or modchip to your system to allow certain things to play on your systems. such as home - made games or game backups, like burned copies of the actual games. That is the reason why you would want to have a chip too. currently WII only supports an physical chip to play backups, there are now softmods out yet (or software hacks) the modding process takes time and patience since you are disassembling your system to solder a chip to your board. This will void your warrenty. when games reach a price of 60 US dollars, it is annoying to have scratched discs so it is legal for your to make copies of your own games, but illegal to share or download.

    And that is the reason why you would mod a system.
    if for any reason you want to mod your wii, we will be demonstrating live the modding of a wii here on saturday july, 28th at 8pm Eastern time (america) and we will be using a wiikey


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