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Thread: Mario Party 8

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    Question Mario Party 8

    I have downloaded Mario Party 8 and when I tried to play i try to Force ntsb and the screen turns green and nothing happens. What do I need to make it work? Any help would be great.

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    systems specs are needed, are you on a pal or ntsc system? what firmware, what do you have installed (HBC, backup launcher gamma) can you play other games fine in your region? can you play games from outside your region forced to another? NTSC ver works for me, screen stays purple for a few seconds but it boots afterwards

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    Sorry I haven't replayed. I think I am a pal 3.2u and I use backup launcher gamma. I can play all games but a few that I have to NTSC force. If Ijust try to use launcher the TV rolles, if I use NTSC force I get a green screen and it stays there. Please help.

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    I am using the same thing. I am on 3.2U and running gamma. No problems here. Check around for a new cIOS update maybe.

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    ntsb lol.

    you really need to read more.

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    I have the same problem

    I have an NTSC wii with a system menu of 4.2U. I have Mario Party 8 PAL. Everytime I try to run the game from a DVD-R using NeoGamma, the screen does turn green. I tried to change the video and region settings but nothing works. How can I fix this?

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    You do realize this thread had been dormant for TWENTY MONTHS prior to your post, right? Thread closed, but look here.


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